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How to use AutoPunch?

See PDF on "How to use AutoPunch Wizard in CE-100 & CE-200". 

My needle thread broke. How do I back up to cover the broken stitch area?

On the front of the machine, just above the "Start" button (red/green light) is the "Return Arrow" button. In embroidery mode, this will back up stitches while depressed.

The "Needle Down" button (sewing mode) will forward a stitch at a time when depressed.

Sometimes when I resize a design it is not dense enough?

In the software  for the SINGER FUTURA it will recalculate the stitch of an imported design when sizing, but only when using the DESIGN>CHANGE SIZE option. It does have a limitation of re-sizing up to 149% and down sizing to 51% and while still being able to re-calculate the stitches correctly

What design formats will my SINGER® FUTURA™ recognize ?


This information is located in the OPEN DESIGN dialog box under the File Type drop down menu.

What does the “Optimize for Speed” actually do to a design when selected?

When a design is “Optimized,” the program cleans up the extra stitches that occur naturally when an area is filled with stitches. This reduces the stitch count and crisps up the design, shortening the sewing time.

When resizing designs, it seems that recalculation of stitch density depends on from where the design came.

1. When importing a design from an outside source, the designs can be resized using the Change Size dialog box. 

2. To change the design proportionately, first click a ‘check’ in the box above the Padlock icon. This will convert the dimensions from working in actual measurements, to working in percentages.

3. Simply type in the amount of change in either the X or Y dimension box. Click OK, and the design will change size and will recalculate the density.

How do you bring two designs into the same hoop at one time?

You cannot import more than one design into the hoop unless it is from the Built-in Library designs. It is possible to add a Library design or Lettering to a pre-digitized design during layout. 

How to install and view the Tutorial CD

1. Place the CD in the tray.  It should auto run.  If you’ve already had it in your computer you will have the Quick Time viewer installed.  Quick Time is a free program included on this CD.

How to use the Design Browser to view on Vista Computer?

1. Place the Stock Design CD in the tray.  You will see a Start Up Screen. Please close this screen.