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Can I change the density of Built-In Lettering?

To add density to built-in lettering use the following directions. This process will work both with the built-in fonts and the ones created using Hyperfont.

When using my software, will the density of a design be adjusted when I resize my design?

When sizing designs in the software for the SINGER FUTURA you can resize designs from the Library in the hoop on screen and keep the design integrity.

All other formats should be changed in the DESIGN/CHANGE SIZE menu in order to change the stitch count.

Why am I not able to access any of the tools on my toolbar ?

This will usually result when you are in the Text portion of your software. Simply left click on the "T" to return to the main program and all of the tools should now be accessible.

Once you turn off the Text you should be able to access your Tools under Design.

Why are stitches missing in realistic view?

In some patterns with excessively long/wide satin stitches the SINGER Futura program may drop all or part the block, as these stitches exceed the recommended parameters for the length of a stitch.
If you size down the pattern a few percent the stitches will re-appear.

Why does a design sometimes split up into very small segments? One color block can end up ‘divided’ into several blocks.

The machine has a certain limit of stitches that it can accept. These big blocks are likely exceeding the limit and are cut, leaving a certain number of stitches (could possibly be only a few) as a separate block.

How do I install Auto CrossStitch™?

To load base software and AutoCross Stitch (If you have other options programs such as AutoPunch, HyperFont etc, load those first before loading AutoCross Stitch)

Can AutoPunch™ be used to digitize any picture, clipart or a photo?

While the software will read various formats, not all images are suitable for AutoPunch.™ AutoPunch™ digitizes by color change. Clear, simple images will give the best results. AutoPunch™ is not suitable for use with photos.  The PhotoStitch™  software has the ability to change photos into embroidery designs.

 This program is available through your local SINGER Retailer.

Can I AutoPunch™ TrueType Fonts?

AutoPunch™ is not suitable for digitizing TrueType Fonts. There is however an optional program that you may purchase called HyperFont™. This software is designed specifically to digitize the TrueType fonts that are available on your computer.  

Visit your local SINGER Retailer for details. 

How do I get to AutoPunch™ in the software?

Open software for the SINGER® FUTURA™.  Go to Create and click on AutoPunch on the drop down menu.