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How do I install HyperFont™?

To load base software with AutoPunch with Hyperfont or Photo Stitch

How to create HyperFont™ text?

See this PDF for how to "Create Hyperfont Text" in the SINGER Futura Sewing & Embroidery Machine.

Why are stitches missing in realistic view?

In some patterns with excessively long/wide satin stitches the SINGER Futura program may drop all or part the block, as these stitches exceed the recommended parameters for the length of a stitch.
If you size down the pattern a few percent the stitches will re-appear.

Why does a design sometimes split up into very small segments? One color block can end up ‘divided’ into several blocks.

The machine has a certain limit of stitches that it can accept. These big blocks are likely exceeding the limit and are cut, leaving a certain number of stitches (could possibly be only a few) as a separate block.

How do I install Auto CrossStitch™?

To load base software and AutoCross Stitch (If you have other options programs such as AutoPunch, HyperFont etc, load those first before loading AutoCross Stitch)

How do I use Auto CrossStitch™

Click here to download a PDF on how to use AutoCross Stitch™

Can AutoPunch™ be used to digitize any picture, clipart or a photo?

While the software will read various formats, not all images are suitable for AutoPunch.™ AutoPunch™ digitizes by color change. Clear, simple images will give the best results. AutoPunch™ is not suitable for use with photos.  The PhotoStitch™  software has the ability to change photos into embroidery designs.

 This program is available through your local SINGER Retailer.

Can I AutoPunch™ TrueType Fonts?

AutoPunch™ is not suitable for digitizing TrueType Fonts. There is however an optional program that you may purchase called HyperFont™. This software is designed specifically to digitize the TrueType fonts that are available on your computer.  

Visit your local SINGER Retailer for details. 

How do I get to AutoPunch™ in the software?

Open software for the SINGER® FUTURA™.  Go to Create and click on AutoPunch on the drop down menu.