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How do I wind a bobbin when my embroidery unit is attached?

1. In order to wind a bobbin you must transmit a design to the machine, as well as send a block to your sewing machine. 

2. If no design has been transmitted and no block of color sent, the bobbin winder will not work.
3. Replace the embroidery thread on your spool pin with Bobbinfil thread, wind the thread around the thread guide located over the transparent threading path on the top of your machine and then slip the end of the thread through the opening in the bobbin from the inside to the outside. 
4. Place the bobbin on the bobbin winder shaft and push the shaft towards the right. 
5. Hold the thread end securely above the bobbin, and then press the green operation switch on the front panel of your machine to begin winding. (The foot control is inoperable with the embroidery unit attached)
6. Allow the bobbin to turn several (10 to 12) times and then stop the machine by touching the red operation switch on the front panel of your machine. Cut the thread at the top of the bobbin as close to the bobbin as possible. Continue to wind the bobbin.
7. The bobbin will stop turning when it is full. Push shaft to the left, clip the thread and remove the bobbin from the shaft. 
8. Remove the hoop from the machine, (DO NOT REMOVE YOUR FABRIC FROM THE HOOP), replace the empty bobbin and then re-insert the hoop. 
9. If your design moved forward a stitch or two when you picked up the bobbin thread, you can use the backstitch operation switch on the front of your machine to move back to your original position.
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