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What is the correct start-up procedure when using the embroidery feature of your SINGER® FUTURA™ machine ?

The following steps must be followed for proper start-up. If these steps are not followed precisely, you will get a “Transmission Pending” error message.

1. Boot up your computer but do not open the software for the SINGER® FUTURA™ machine. 
2. Attach the embroidery unit to your sewing machine and connect the USB cable between your computer and the sewing machine.
3. Turn on your sewing machine by setting the Power/Light switch to ( l ). Make sure the needle has been moved to the highest position by turning the hand wheel towards you. 
4. Attach the hoop that you plan to work with to your embroidery unit. 
5. Double click on the SINGER® FUTURA™ Icon on your desktop to open the software. 
6. You are now ready to select and transmit a design to your machine. 
IMPORTANT: If you have embroidered using the small hoop and you are now ready to use your large hoop. Turn off your machine, close the software and then turn OFF your computer. Wait one minute, turn on your computer and then follow steps 1 through 5 above.
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