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How to install and view the Tutorial CD

1. Place the CD in the tray.  It should auto run.  If you’ve already had it in your computer you will have the Quick Time viewer installed.  Quick Time is a free program included on this CD.

2. Tutorial Videos require QuickTime Player 7.1 or higher.  Follow prompts to install QuickTime on your computer if needed.  Select next to continue Tutorial.  
3. Adobe Reader is needed to view/print the Tutorial Workbook.  
4. Follow prompts to install the Tutorial Design and Images Files.  Exit Tutorial and restart the computer.   
5. Remove the CD and replace into the drive.  This should start the Tutorial to the screen shown below:
6. Move you mouse to the desired category and left click to begin this section of the tutorial.
7. Now select the topic with the mouse and left click to begin the Video.
8. The Video will open to a SINGER Futura screen.
9. At this point you should hear audio.  If you cannot hear her speaking you will need to turn up the volume on your computer.
10. Once the video on the selected topic has finished the Tutorial it will automatically go back to the Main Menu for you to select another category.  The CD does not auto advance.  You must choose the next topic.  This allows you to watch only those sections that you are interested in instead of having to watch the entire video every time.
11. To go back before the video has finished click on the stop button and then the BACK arrow to return to the Main Menu.
12. Exit will close the Tutorial CD.
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