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When resizing designs, it seems that recalculation of stitch density depends on from where the design came.

1. When importing a design from an outside source, the designs can be resized using the Change Size dialog box. 

2. To change the design proportionately, first click a ‘check’ in the box above the Padlock icon. This will convert the dimensions from working in actual measurements, to working in percentages.

3. Simply type in the amount of change in either the X or Y dimension box. Click OK, and the design will change size and will recalculate the density.

4. When clicking and dragging around an imported design to change size, it is possible to change size proportionately by clicking and dragging either the upper left or lower right corner. However, even though the design has changed size, it does not (using this method of resizing) recalculate the density.

5. When using designs from the SINGER Futura™ Library, it is possible to resize in either method above, and the design density will recalculate.

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