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What if I need to shut down the machine in the middle of my embroidery?

You can easily resume where you were stitching if you follow these steps. Before shutting down the machine, be sure to save the design that you were working on. This is important if you can change the size or the position of the design. Take note of which color block that you were working on. Now, you are ready to exit the navigator and shut down the program and the machine. You can remove the hoop from the embroidery unit if you need to, but DO NOT remove the fabric from the hoop. To resume embroidering, turn on the machine, open the program and reattach the hoop if you removed it. Send the design to the machine. Use the double arrow box to the right of the send block box to advance to the color that you were sewing out when you turned off the machine. If you had already started embroidering that color, use the needle up/down touch to move the needle to a few stitches ahead of the place where it last stitched. Thread the machine and start embroidering.

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