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Quintet (5-in-1): FAQs

Accessory Use

Most importantly, it is absolutely necessary that you use only SINGER® branded needles. Other brands can eventually damage the hook and the machine will require servicing. You can use a 2000 or 2020 for natural or woven fabrics and 2001 or 2045 for knits and other synthetics.

Yes, your SINGER® FUTURA™ sewing and embroidery machine uses a plastic class 15J bobbin. You can purchase this bobbin through your local SINGER® retailer. Never use pre-wound bobbins in your machine. When using the sewing side of the machine, you can use regular all-purpose thread in the bobbin, but when using the embroidery side, you will need to use what is called "bobbinfil". This is a finer weight thread that is ideal for embroidery. There are brands that are better than others; we recommend a spun poly bobbinfil sold under the Robison-Anton or Sulky brand name.

Embroidery Use

You can easily resume where you were stitching if you follow these steps. Before shutting down the machine, be sure to save the design that you were working on. This is important if you can change the size or the position of the design. Take note of which color block that you were working on. Now, you are ready to exit the navigator and shut down the program and the machine. You can remove the hoop from the embroidery unit if you need to, but DO NOT remove the fabric from the hoop. To resume embroidering, turn on the machine, open the program and reattach the hoop if you removed it. Send the design to the machine. Use the double arrow box to the right of the send block box to advance to the color that you were sewing out when you turned off the machine. If you had already started embroidering that color, use the needle up/down touch to move the needle to a few stitches ahead of the place where it last stitched. Thread the machine and start embroidering.

Embroidery Use- Hoop

See PDF for instructions on how to Multi-hoop on your SINGER® FUTURA™sewing & embroidery machine. 

Software Use

SINGER® FUTURA™ machines report the hoop attached to the computer only one time, when the SINGER® Futura™ program is started. If there is no hoop attached the program will assume that the large hoop is mounted. So, if a user decides to use a different hoop than the one the machine has detected, it is necessary to change the program's setting before embroidering (see below procedure, Step 4). However, there is a correct procedure/sequence to set up the SINGER® Futura™ machines for embroidery. Preparing to embroider out of sequence will cause the computer to display an Error Message if the small hoop is used: The proper way to set up for embroidery on the SINGER® Futura™ machines is as follows:

1. Turn the SINGER® Futura™ machine on, without the hoop attached.
2. Attach the hoop that you intend to use.
3. Now open the SINGER® Futura™ program. The system detects which hoop is on the machine.
4. If the Large Hoop is on the SINGER® Futura™ machine, but it is desired to change to the Small Hoop, remove the Large Hoop and replace with Small Hoop. However, before selecting a design, it is necessary to go to the Main Menu and select Tools>Select Hoop, then choose Small Hoop. (The same is true for moving from Small Hoop to Large Hoop, once the program has been opened).
However, changing back and forth between hoop sizes can cause the machine to get 'confused'. It is recommended to use the procedure described in Steps 1 through 3. 
Note: If the machine is turned on with the small hoop already attached, the "Start Button" on the sewing machine will flash red. It will not be possible to proceed unless the machine is turned off, the hoop removed, and then the above steps followed in correct sequence.

Your SINGER FUTURA sewing and embroidery machine has excellent "how-to" tutorials built into the software. To access these tutorials, open the software, from the top tool bar, click on "Help" and then select "How-to Tutorial". These tutorials include step-by-step instructions on how to open a design, how to change stitch colors and many more topics.

You can view or print a copy of the instruction manual on how to use the software. To view the manual, open the software. From the top tool bar, click on "Help" and then select "Open the Manual". To print the manual, place the program CD into the tray of the CD drive of your computer. If the Install Wizard begins, CANCEL the installation. Double click on 'My Computer" and you should see a drive with the FUTURA program identified. Double left click on that drive and then double left click on the "Manual" file. From there, choose the language that you need. From the file menu, choose the "Print" option. (For older computers, it may be necessary for you to "explore" the drive in order to access the manual).

Software Use-Editing

1. Open the design.  Then on the top tool bar choose Design ->Change Size.

2. Left click on CHANGE SIZE (see picture below) 
In this box you can either size up in inches/metric or by percentage: (see picture below) 
3. Typing in a new number in the X box will change the Y number proportionally.   Leave the Stitch Processor enabled to add or reduce the stitch count for the pattern.  
You can size up by percentages too.  Just click on the % box and then size up.  Do not size a pattern more than 49% or the stitch processor will not be activated.  So the largest you can make a pattern is 149% of the current size.  The smallest is 51% of the current size.  
You can also rotate the pattern in this dialog box by selecting a direction and then typing in an amount.
You can ‘Select Design’ and drag it larger, but be aware that it will not activate the stitch processor when you are sizing an imported design file.  You will have a resized pattern with the original number of stitches in the pattern.
It’s only when sizing in the Design->Change Size dialog box that you will regenerate the stitches.

Thread Break

If you need to back up within a design, simply touch the backstitch icon on the front of your machine.